What To Include In A Funeral Program

What To Include In A Funeral Program

 Planning a funeral can often feel like an overwhelming task. We hope this short article helps you with filling out your funeral program template.

The first step when planning any funeral service is to gather personal information of the deceased. Often times people will ask for assistance from other loved ones or family members for this process. Try not to become overwhelmed and just take it one step at a time.

Within our funeral program templates you will see a rudimentary structure that you can follow.

The first page will include:

  • "Title" 
  • Display Photo 
  • Full Name, maiden name is often included here as well. 
  • Date of birth and death
  • Destination of services
  • Time and date of services

We try to keep the front page limited in information with a large photo to capture your loved ones memory. Remember all of our templates can be edited or adjusted to your liking.

Internal Pages

If you have a 4 page funeral program there are only 2 internal pages. Page one is often where people will include the obituary of their loved one. See our "how to write a obituary" section. Page two is where you will place the order of service. The order of service usually includes:

  • Name of priest or minister performing opening prayer
  • Titles of songs played or sung and by whom
  • Any poems being read and by whom
  • Memories being retold by loved ones

8-Page funeral programs have a 4 page insert. Within this insert you can include more information about your loved one. We have a special Tribute section within our 8-page funeral pamphlets. This section includes a photo insert and text. People will often include stories from other loved ones in this section, along with a photo of them with the deceased.

Adjacent to the tribute page is our poem or scripture section, however people often include an intimate story of the deceased here. There is another small section on the photo collage page for a scripture quote or brief poem if desired.

The back of the funeral program, for both 8 and 4 page, typically includes the pallbearers and acknowledgements sections. Each of our funeral programs is designed to be folded into a document as seen in the photos.

Our funeral program templates are designed to provide an organized experience for your funeral services guests and family members. They make excellent keepsakes for loved ones as well. Please see our PROGRAMS section for examples you can try for free. 





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