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At Loving Memory Prints, we understand that planning a funeral can be both emotionally and financially exhausting. We strive to offer both affordable templates and printing options, but we understand that during this time, money can be tight, especially if the memorial service is unexpected. To help you during this difficult time, we are offering you a basic free funeral program template.

This free funeral program template is very basic but easy to use. You can edit it online without needing any special software, just like our other templates. However, it will only have one heading and one font. Our other programs have several options for fonts headings and added images on the inside. While this template is free for you, it does cost us a little to provide. If you can, please consider leaving a review on our website or sharing it on your social media. Your support is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about our other funeral programs or memorial welcome signs, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Funeral programs have long been a cherished keepsake people keep from the memorial service. People often put them in photo albums or often hang them on their fridge for a few weeks in remembrance of the departed. Keep this in mind as you edit your memorial program.

For printing, your local printing company like FedEx/Kinkos, Staples, or Walgreens can print and fold your funeral programs for you. This is more affordable than printing them at home due to the high cost of ink cartridges. You can get almost 100 programs printed for the price of one ink cartridge. You can also order prints from us once your template is complete. Our prices are usually a bit lower than the companies mentioned, but please allow extra time for shipping.

If you do find yourself in need during this time, we would like to offer you a free funeral program template.


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Free Funeral Program

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