Funeral Excuse Letter Templates

Funeral Excuse Letter Templates

Most employers and schools are very forgiving when it comes to time off for attending a loved one's funeral services. However, planning for a funeral can be an overwhelming task and we have added basic templates here to help inform your employer or school you will be absent due to these unfortunate circumstances. Some extenuating circumstances will require a signed document of attendance to the funeral we will include a template for that as well. Please copy these and use as you need

Basic Funeral Excuse For Work/School Template

            (LOVING MEMORY) Funeral Home Information Here and Below

              101 Centerpoint Rd.

              Mesa, Arizona 85224




   To whom it may concern,

    Please excuse ________________________________________________      from attending work/school.  He/she will be attending funeral services for _______________________________

on date:____________________ in _________________________, (state).



Funeral Director.

Verification Of Attendance Template

To whom it may concern,

        I do hereby certify that ______________ attended the memorial services of ____________. ( Relationship friend, mother, brother) who passed away on (DATE)_____. Funeral services were held on (Date)_____( Location if applicable). 


_______________________________ Funeral Service Director Signature.


Phone #_________________


We have several funeral programs and poster templates available to help you during this process. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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