How Much Does A Funeral Cost

How Much Does A Funeral Cost

Funeral Costs: What to Expect and How to Save Money

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to think about the practical aspects of arranging a funeral. Unfortunately, funerals can be expensive and the cost of a traditional funeral in the United States averages around $7,000-$10,000. While this may seem like an overwhelming amount of money for many families, there are ways that you can save money while still honoring your loved one’s memory. 

Necessary Expenses for a Traditional Burial Funeral 

A traditional funeral has several necessary expenses such as: 

 - A casket or burial coffin: The average cost for a casket is between $2,000 -$4,500. Depending on the material it is made from.

 - Embalming and preparation of the body: This typically costs around $600-$700. Make up and hair services are extra usually between $200-$400.

 - Funeral service fee for the church or other location where services will be held: This usually ranges from $200-$400 depending on what type of services and the location you choose.  

 - Transportation costs including hearse rental and flower delivery fees: These fees vary but usually range from $300-$500 total. 

 - Cemetery plot or burial ground/rental fee and opening/closing fee if applicable: Depending on where you live these fees can range from $500-$2,500 total.

-Total Cost: $3,800-$9,000 mostly depending on the cost of the burial ground or plot and the type of casket you decide to purchase. 

 Extra Expenses That May Be Incurred During A Funeral Service

In addition to these expenses there may also be some additional costs associated with the memorial services such as flowers ($150-500), memorial photo posters and programs ($400-1000) catering ($200-800), or music ($100-200). While these items are not necessary they do add a special touch to the memorial services and help with the grieving process during that time.


Direct cremations are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and convenience. Direct cremation is a simple, dignified process that eliminates the need for a traditional funeral service. The cost of a direct cremation varies depending on where you live but typically ranges from $800-$2000. 

In most cases, the cost of a direct cremation includes transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home or crematorium, basic services provided by the funeral director such as filing the necessary paperwork and obtaining permits and authorizations, use of staff and equipment for preparation and handling of remains

Some cremation services offer an affordable viewing option before the cremation service is completed as well.

Direct cremations are an affordable way to honor your loved one without breaking the bank. If you’re looking into arranging a direct cremation, it’s important to ask your funeral provider questions about what exactly is included in their fee so you know exactly how much it will cost before making any decisions.

Even if you have a traditional funeral ceremony or celebration of life services a cremation will still save you some money on your funeral costs. Typically between $2,000-$3,000 in savings.


-  Flowers are often seen as an essential part of any memorial service but they don’t have to break the bank - consider using seasonal potted plants instead which will be cheaper and then can be planted afterward in memory of your loved one where they will bring joy every day rather than being discarded after just one use while still honoring your loved one’s memory in a meaningful way.

 - We at Loving Memory Prints can help you save on your funeral expenses by offering affordable custom memorial posters, programs, and many other templates that you can easily edit online, download, and print locally or order prints through our affiliate. This will help you save on the expense of a funeral home's fee for designing and printing these items for you, which typically includes a large upcharge fee for their services. 

 - Saving money on a traditional funeral service can be accomplished in several ways. Another way to save money is to consider hosting the service at a location other than a funeral home – such as in someone’s home or even outdoors – which can help reduce costs associated with renting space at a facility. 

 - If doing a viewing you can have the makeup and hair of your loved one done by a family member or do it yourself. Family members are often happy to do this as a gesture of kindness for the deceased and their close loved ones.

 - Raising money for a traditional funeral service will require some creative thinking and planning. Consider setting up an online fundraiser through sites like GoFundMe that allows friends and family members who live far away to contribute easily from anywhere in the world. You could also host an event like a bake sale or car wash where people can donate their funds directly towards the costs associated with the funeral service. Additionally, many churches offer assistance programs so it’s worth exploring this option as well.

No matter how much money you have available for your loved one’s funeral service you must take time to plan accordingly so that everything goes smoothly during this difficult time in your life. Knowing what expenses are necessary versus which ones are extra will help ensure that your budget stays within reason while still allowing plenty of room for personal touches such as memorial posters or personal flower arrangements. 

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